So, Snooki had her baby. Poor little guy, don’t you feel sorry for him? Sounds like she will be a great mom. I’m sure she will get a show about it and make millions!! Now, I’m not saying that I’m June Cleaver, but come on people. I do teach mine right from wrong. I have been to a couple of high school football games in the past few weeks and I will have to say it’s very sad to see how teenagers are acting these days. These kids have NASTY mouths, and they do not care who is around. There can be adults or small children and it is just awful what they say. Anyone that knows me or my children, have my permission to call mine out and pop them in the mouth if they should do anything like that. No respect and no parenting these days, so glad kids have people like Snooki for a role model. NOT!! It’s so very sad. 😔. MAM


2 responses to this post.

  1. I definitely did not have high hopes for Snooki when I first found out that she was pregnant; however, I think it’s obvious that as her pregnancy progressed she has subconsciously matured and grown up a tad. And I think that with time and experience she’ll get the hang of actually “being a mom.” Sometimes it actually takes the baby coming for soon-to-be parents to come to their senses and step up to come into their roles, so I’m actually kind of rooting for both her and Jionni.
    Just my opinion, though.


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