Well, today my oldest child turns 14 years old!! Fourteen, where have those years gone? It is just amazing how quickly time goes by. For all of you young parents, take time to enjoy those infant and toddler years. I know it seems exhausting and frustrating at times, but one of these days you will miss it. It has been so exciting watching his journey thus far. He is a smart, caring, loving young man with a twisted, smartass sense of humor (compliments of his momma). I tell people he is a mean little heathen, so maybe he will grow up to be a good person. LOL!! I am very proud of both of my boys. They have had a lot on their plates the last couple of years and have dealt with it quite well. I hope looking back, this will make them stronger individuals. As parents, I think we sometimes try to hard to make things perfect for our kids. Sometimes, when we just let them go, they can actually surprise us at how strong they can be. I have enjoyed these 14 years watching this little turkey grow and mature, but he seems to be teaching me a lot along the way too. So, my serious advice for the day, love and listen to your children and let them be children. You only get one true childhood, so enjoy these years. They go too quick. Now, enough philosophical mumbo jumbo. I’ll post some inappropriate, funny stuff in a bit!! 😊MAM


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