Woo hoo!! Look at me, I’m actually writing something today!! Now, this kinda is a throwback to my last post about ADD/OCD so I think you’ll understand the “why”. Does anyone else have issues with symmetry like I do? You know, like when you drive past a house and the windows are not the same size or in the same location on the house. See, for me, I need symmetry. What brings me to this has been a pet peeve of mine for sometime now. As for most of us, Spring has now arrived. I have two sons and they both play baseball, which has arrived too. So, needless to say we are back in traveling and late-night mode. Being the mother-of-the-year that I am, I don’t always have time to cook a nutritious meal. So, yes sometimes fast food is my friend. Even though my body says differently. But I digress, I need to know what is so hard about getting the piece of meat or cheese that is on my sandwich centered on said sandwich. I mean really, it just pains me to have to realign my food. Now I do realize, that it may be hard to get that square piece of fish just right on that round bun, but when the 1/4 slice of cheese is half on the bun and half off!! I mean come on. Then if you’re lucky enough for the food to be warm enough to have melted the cheese, then it’s even tougher to get it evened out. (I do have a friend that goes apeshit when her cheese is not melted) I just need my burger, fish, chicken and cheese to be properly centered is that too much to ask? Does this bother anyone else besides me? If not, then I guess I’ll just have to be committed. Now you know that my fish sandwich had crooked cheese last night. Such a travesty. ☺ MAM


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  1. First world problems… 😉


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